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Stony Capsule

Product Code: Stony Capsule
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Natural Treatment For Crystalluria
Helps In
  • Inhibitis Calculogenisis by reducing stone forming substance
  • Ensures Disintegration of the calculi nd the crystals.
  • Reduces symptoms of painful & burning micturition
  • Cleans the urinary bladder
Each Capsule Contains Extracts Of:
Varuna (Craeteva nurvala) 250mg
Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris) 50mg
Punernava (Boethavia diffusa) 50mg
Apamarg (Achyranthus aspera) 50mg
Kulthi (Dolichos biflorus) 50mg
Powders of:
Hajralyahood bhasam 50mg
Shawet Parpati 25mg
Moolo Kshar 50mg
Stony capsule is an ayurvedic treatment that cures:
  • Inhibits calculogenesis by reducing stone – forming substances.
  • Ensures disintegration of the calculi and the crystals.
  • Reduces symptoms of painful & burning micturition.
  • Cleans the sediments & stones of uniary bladder.

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